Stacey Solomon hasn't shaved THIS part of her body in 10 years 2 years ago

Stacey Solomon hasn't shaved THIS part of her body in 10 years

Sure, live your life hun.

Stacey Solomon has always been her own woman - and we love her for it.


She previously chose not to shave her legs for a month, before revealing her prickly pins on television.

Why the hell not?

And now the gorgeous mum has revealed that she has an aversion to hair removal in general.

In her column with The Sun she revealed her joy at the news that the "bush is back".

Stacey revealed that when she gave birth to her son Zachary, she kind of just gave up on shaving (her bits).

"It helped that no one was coming within a mile radius of my vagina after the trauma of childbirth but it was also because, when I was pregnant and went for my first appointment with a gynaecologist, I remember being extremely embarrassed about my untrimmed bush."

stacey solomon


"So much so that I didn't want her to do a swab. She informed me that it was imperative that she did and as I got into the gown, I said: 'I'm so sorry, I haven't shaved and it looks disgusting'."

"She looked at me in horror and the 17-year-old me assumed she'd refuse to do the swab and send me back to shave and wash.

"Much to my surprise, her horrified look was because she couldn't believe that I was apologising and so ashamed of my natural hair."

"She went on to explain to me that pubic hair is an important part of our bodies and that it serves many purposes."

Well, there you have it.


Is the bush back, ladies?