STOP EVERYTHING: You Will Not Believe Who's On Tinder Now 6 years ago

STOP EVERYTHING: You Will Not Believe Who's On Tinder Now

If you have yet to set your relationship sights to "swipe" now might be the time. 

Dating app Tinder has proved a sensation across the globe with many mere mortals. Now, celebrities want in on the act too.


Hot on the heels of news that Hillary Duff was representing on the app for the ladies, word has leaked that one of Hollywood's most eligible leading men may be swiping for all he's worth too.


According to various reports, Great Gatsby star Leonardo DiCaprio isn't content with having his pick of the world's supermodels and wants to take a new approach to dating. (Note to Leo: if you're reading this - approach away. Please.)


After saying goodbye to the likes of Gisele Bündchen and rumoured recent squeeze Rihanna, the Wolf of Wall Street star is using a code name for while perusing his dating options. It didn't take much to crack his code though... you'll find him under the name "Leonard".

As the app is location based, now might be a good time to take a trip stateside and start the search.