The Queen gives out to Princess Anne for snubbing Donald Trump and we can't stop watching 3 years ago

The Queen gives out to Princess Anne for snubbing Donald Trump and we can't stop watching

The Queen wasn't too happy with Princess Anne.

Yesterday evening, the Queen greeted world leaders and members of parliament at Buckingham Palace reception accompanied by members of the royal family.


A clip has emerged online showing the Queen, Princes Charles, the Duchess of Cornwall and the Secretary-General of North Atlantic Treaty Organisations Jens Stoltenberg, speaking with Donald and Melania Trump.

As you'll see below, Princess Anne is standing off to the side and makes no move to get involved with her mother picking up on this straight away.

Gesturing to her daughter, she calls her over when Princess Anne shrugs her shoulders and holds her hands up, looking every inch a bold teenager.

Unsurprisingly, the video has received a huge reaction online and the princess has now been christened the "queen of shade" with many believing she went out of her way to avoid the US president.



Of course, the clip has literally exploded on Twitter and if you haven't yet watched it, do yourself a favour and look at it now.

It's made even more humorous by the fact that everyone bar Anne is falling over themselves to greet the couple and she's doing exactly the opposite.

We have a feeling this particular viral video will live on for quite some time.


The clip also led to other Twitter users pointing out that Anne has always been a 'hero' of the royal family, with the decision not to give her children titles one of the examples of her tendency to go against tradition.


Here's hoping we see more of this break from the royal norm!