'The Show Is Over' - Writers Call Halt To Speculation Over Hit TV Series 8 years ago

'The Show Is Over' - Writers Call Halt To Speculation Over Hit TV Series

The creators of Friends have poured cold water on rumours that one of our favourite casts could be set for a reunion.

Since the final episode aired in 2004, we've been secretly hoping for a chance to see what Ross and Rachel, Monica and Chandler, Phoebe and Joey are doing now but despite almost a decade of fevered speculation, there has never been any confirmation on a possible revival of the hit 90s show.


So, our hopes were cruelly dashed this week when Marta Kauffman and David Crane dismissed any chance of a spin-off or reunion for the crew, telling Entertainment Weekly that they have never taken the discussion seriously.

"We never, ever from the beginning ever wanted to do a spinoff or Grown-Up Friends or Friends Kids or Baby Friends," said Kaufman. "We always knew and felt very strongly that not only would it never happen, we never wanted to be part of that, because it so rarely works. We just felt like this show is about a certain time in your life, and once you're past that time in your life, the show is over."

"What was at the heart of the show is done, And let's be honest, it's 20 years later. Nobody looks like they did then. And you're going to spend the whole time going, 'Wow, he's aged".



Crane added that "it was enough of a job to put the right bow on this to not be worrying about, 'Well, what are they going to do after this?'".

"If anyone wants Friends, turn on your TV! Amazingly, thank god, it's there. And these are all great actors that you're seeing all the time in other things. Marta and I have talked about this a lot. People say they want it, and the more that we say it's a bad idea, people [disagree]. But I think if we actually gave it to people, there would be such backlash."