There Is A Conspiracy Theory That Louis Tomlinson's Baby Is Fake 5 years ago

There Is A Conspiracy Theory That Louis Tomlinson's Baby Is Fake

Of all the conspiracy theories this one has to be the most bizarre.

One Direction fans have been gathering information to prove that Louis Tomlinson's baby, who was born in January, is fake.


According to Buzzfeed, they have a fairly lengthy argument against the case which pulls in pictures, social media and videos as evidence. There is even a whole Tumblr account dedicated to all of this 'evidence'.

First of all, they say that because Louis and his child's mother, Briana, mixed up the dates of the birth then it must be fake.

Louis tweeted his delighted about becoming a dad 'yesterday' on the 23rd of January, while Briana cited the 21st of January as his date of birth on Instagram.

We're thinking a time difference came into play here.

1/21/16. Freddie Reign. Love of my life?

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Then the theory includes a Twitter account, under Briana's name, which was set up in May 2015. They go on to suggest that it's all a ploy from Louis' management.

Along with the screenshot of the Twitter accounts inception, The Tumblr account says, "Briana had not yet been associated with Louis, and how would a fan know that she would be significant, let alone become ‘pregnant with his child’. A more believable explanation for this is that it was management setting things up early"




BUT Briana MUST have been on the scene at this point because the baby was born in January 2016 and so 9 months previously was before May 12th, 2015.

They also think that when Louis threw a fake baby doll off stage in June last year it was a 'foreshadowing'.


They go into WAY more detail about Briana's pictures and how they are also fake. AND they say that Louis' first official image with baby Teddy is photoshopped.


*give me strength*

Meet my little lad, Freddie ?

A photo posted by Louis Tomlinson (@louist91) on

They are experimenting with the lighting in the image to prove that the baby is superimposed.



Image via Tumblr/Whasting


One Tumblr user went to great lengths to further prove the image is fake:


Image via Tumblr/Lovebeweird

Take what you want from this, but we're only calling their bluff.