This Youtuber is allegedly selling used PR gifts in her €55 advent calendar 4 years ago

This Youtuber is allegedly selling used PR gifts in her €55 advent calendar

Popular YouTuber, Eltoria has come under fire after being accused of putting freebie products in her advent calendar.

Twenty-five-year-old British Youtuber, Eltoria is known for reviewing other beauty advent calendars from a range of different brands, including Estèe Lauder, MakeUp Revolution and John Lewis.


Much to the excitement of her subscribers, Eltoria announced that she would be creating her own personalised 12-day advent calendar.

The limited edition product was available to purchase for £49 or around €55.


Commenting on the advent calendars before they were shipped, Eltoria thanked her followers for their support:

 "It’s great that smaller creators can be supported in the same way as much larger ones. Completely selling out is crazy."

But having received their orders, some people are NOT happy.

According to Cosmopolitan, people are speculating that the influencer put products that were gifted to her by PR companies in the calendar. The rumours began after Eltoria posted a video reviewing a calendar by The Body Shop. One of the items was a White Musk Body Lotion and she said, “Personally, I don’t like this scent. I’ve never liked the White Musk scent”. Subsequently, YouTuber Willow Biggs posted a review of Eltoria's hand-made advent calendar and oddly enough, she received a White Musk Body Lotion! Other people have allegedly received products that have already been opened.



This isn't the first time YouTuber advent calendars have come under fire. Last year Zoella was heavily criticised for charging £50 for what some fans thought was an underwhelming product. Eltoria currently hasn't addressed the rumours on her own social media platforms.