Louise Thompson required surgery after haemorrhaging at home 1 month ago

Louise Thompson required surgery after haemorrhaging at home

We're all wishing her a speedy recovery.

Louise Thompson, who appeared on Made in Chelsea, had to undergo emergency surgery this week after becoming very ill.


According to her husband, Ryan Libbey, an intervention was required after she “haemorrhaged” at home.

Thankfully, she is back home and in a stable condition.

On Instagram, Ryan shared an update with fans.

He wrote: "2023 started well for me and for my family. Last Friday it got flipped on his head again. Louise haemorrhaged at home, again.


"Rushed to hospital for surgery and close monitoring for four days. Louise is home now, stable and doing well. She’s a warrior!"

To make matters worse, Ryan explained that their son Leo has also been unwell.

He wrote: "Leo has picked up impetigo from nursery. Dad is tired. We were supposed to be landing in St Lucia about now for a two-week break. I’ll be back online soon."

Louise has been undergoing a number of health problems since she gave birth to her son in 2021. She suffered complications during the birth, and had to be treated in the ICU while Leo was taken to the NICU.


The reality star has also been experiencing PTSD as a result of the trauma, and more recently, she was diagnosed with the autoimmune condition lupus.

Earlier this week, she indicated that she had been admitted to hospital following an "unexpected situation".

In a candid Instagram story, she wrote about how she feels "guilty" for using the NHS resources.

She said: "I've been quiet on here recently because I had a bit of an unexpected situation again. Don't really know what to say right now, except for a huge thanks to everyone that's kept the old ticker ticking.


"I feel like I've very much used up my quota of NHS services at this point. Eeek. I can't help but feel guilty about it all."

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