Tributes are rolling in on Amy Winehouse's 10th anniversary 2 years ago

Tributes are rolling in on Amy Winehouse's 10th anniversary

She's gone 10 years.

Ten years ago to the day the world lost one of the most powerful voices, Amy Winehouse.


Amy was found in bed by her bodyguard with two bottles of vodka by her side, her addiction eventually winning.

The world went into mourning as if she was someone we all knew in real life, and after 10 years have passed, friends and fans alike are hurting still.

Tributes have been pouring in all morning, honouring the "legend" we lost all those years ago, and remembering her impact on the music industry.

Turns out Amy Winehouse had a teenage romance with a fairly famous boy band star


One fan said: "On July 23rd 2011, The News Was Released To The World, Amy Winehouse Has Passed.

"Undoubtedly One Of The Best Blues Singers And Singers Of All Time To Appear On The Scene.

"The World Had Lost A Legend."

Another said: "tomorrow will be a hard day, tomorrow marks ten years since amy winehouse passed away, i can't believe this. let's be strong and listen to her incredible songs, keep her legacy alive and always remember her as a beautiful and talented girl. i love and miss you a lot baby."



A third said: "10 years ago the world lost a bright shining star the unforgettable iconic legend of a lady."

Celebrities have been paying their respects to the late singer, with Jools Holland leading the way.

He told Sky News: "There was a number of things, she was an amazing singer. I was her friend, we liked the same sort of music, I can't speak for her now, sadly, but I think the thing that was really remarkable was first of all her voice, she had a voice like Edith Piaf or some of the great people she liked.


"It comes along every 50 years, and I think the other thing was she was an amazing poet. It's important to remember she was a great poet and a very good-humoured person, great fun to be around."

Amy's family and friends are paying tribute to her in a slightly different way, with a few documentaries celebrating her life set to air.

Singer-songwriter Tyler James, a close friend since the age of 13, has brought out his book My Amy: The Life We Shared while BBC Two is showing a one-off documentary titled Reclaiming Amy on Friday at 9 pm, wanting to show who the real Amy was.

Amy's goddaughter Dionne Bromfield is also releasing a documentary to honour the singer, airing at 10 pm on Monday on MTV UK.

Winehouse’s goddaughter singer Dionne Bromfield has also made a documentary, which airs on MTV UK on Monday at 10 pm, marking a decade since her death.

Amy Winehouse And Me: Dionne’s Story will show unseen footage and the impact Amy had on her goddaughter, who was only 15 when she passed.