Victoria's Secret model Elsa Hosk shares what she eats in a day 4 years ago

Victoria's Secret model Elsa Hosk shares what she eats in a day

It's quite surprising.

There is a common misconception that models eat very little, or not at all, and while that may have been more true a decade or so ago, models are now expected to look healthy and fit.


This means that they obviously have to focus rigorously on their diet and exercise.

Victoria's Secret model Elsa Hosk, shared these with Style Caster, and her diet may pleasantly surprise you.

The beauty was asked to describe her day and talk about some of her favourite things.

On that particular day, this is what she ate:

For breakfast: Eggs and bacon


For lunch: A mozzarella and tomato panini with lentil soup.

For dinner: Fried cheese, chicken skewers with rice pilaf, and potato, cucumber, feta salad.

Elsa said that she loves boxing and basketball, but that she got into shape for fashion week training with her boxing coach Kwame Davis.

The model said that her favourite foods are tomatoes, Greek  yogurt and cucumbers, but that her guilty pleasure is a grilled cheese sandwich.

She seems to maintain a pretty good, manageable diet of rich tasty foods like cheese and bacon, with plenty of vegetables too. But Elsa said the one thing she could never eat foie gras,


"because I don’t like it. Or any processed meat. I like food to be as organic and natural as possible." She said.

So boxing, some eggs and loads of vegetables, we think we could get on board with Elsa's regime.