VIDEO: North West Tells the Paparazzi What’s What 5 years ago

VIDEO: North West Tells the Paparazzi What’s What

North West is only a toddler but she certainly isn’t shy when it comes to telling the paparazzi what’s what.

The two-year-old has been captured on camera telling photographers that she said "no pictures." (Wonder where she got THAT from?)


Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s daughter was on her way into ballet class, accompanied by her nanny, when the paps starting taking her picture.

After North tells them what she said, the nanny then repeats the request (not that they take much notice).

Via YouTube/X17onlineVideo.

The clip was uploaded to YouTube yesterday and it has caused a bit of controversy with many users saying it’s a disgrace that she doesn’t have any sort of privacy.

One wrote: "People have no lives. Stalking a baby. Can't even go to ballet practice in peace."

Another commented: "Its pretty sad having grown man waiting around to take photos of a 2 year old girl. Worse part is they were there before she arrived and were still there after she finished class. Half of those guys wouldn't wait that long for their own daughters [sic]."

Others however were less sympathetic…