Westlife had a Zoom call over the weekend, just like the rest of the country 1 year ago

Westlife had a Zoom call over the weekend, just like the rest of the country

"Hello, my love" - me, entering that Zoom call.

A lot has changed about the world since the Covid-19 outbreak kicked off.


Flour shelves are empty. Hugging is forbidden. Video chats are king, as long as you know where the mute button is.

Zoom has pretty much become currency at this point, and it isn't just us peasants who are using the chatting platform to catch up with our nearest and dearest.

Celebrities have been Zooming too, which shows that they are, indeed, just like us... Just with massive houses and seven figure bank accounts.

The latest celebs to hop on the Zoom train are none other than Westlife. Over the weekend, Shane, Mark, Kian, and Nicky all hopped on a call alongside their families to have a bit of a chat and to declare that they are, in fact, missing each other.

Goodnight and God bless.


Shane joined with wife Gillian and their three kids, while the rest of the lads also appeared on the call with their respective partners and children.

Kian shared a photo of the chat in question on his Instagram page, writing: "Great fun catching up with the @westlife crew last night.

"Missing you all and can’t wait to do it all again for real!"

Westlife are due to play a series of concerts this summer in stadiums across the UK and Ireland.


While the Irish gigs have yet to be formally cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic, Shane has said that he remains unsure whether the gigs will go ahead.

"We don't know is the honest truth. Some of our concerts have already been cancelled and we are still waiting to hear," he said during an Instagram Live.

"We had a whole stadium tour planned for June, July and August. And we don't know is the honest truth."