You won't BELIEVE who is on the Queen's Christmas card list this year 3 years ago

You won't BELIEVE who is on the Queen's Christmas card list this year

'Tis the season.

Christmas cards are a tradition that many families choose to engage in each year.


Festive greetings are sent to family and friends, far and wide - some who you probably haven't seen in years.

But sure, it is Christmas.

The royal family are no exception to this tradition, with the Queen and Prince Philip sending HUNDREDS of cards each year.

Yep... hundreds.


So, who exactly makes the cut here?

Between them, Prince Philip and the Queen send about 750 Christmas cards each year.

Generally, those who receive the cards are closer to the Queen (in distance, that is), typically residing in the UK.

Queen's christmas card


The list includes members of the royal household, and key figures in the British Commonwealth.

These are the British and Commonwealth Prime Ministers, as well as the High Commissions and Governor-General.

So basically, if you're very high up in government, you'll probably get a little card from herself... casual.

But it's not just politicians who make the royal Christmas card list!


Queen's christmas card

Prince Philip chooses from 200 organisations each year to send a Christmas card to, as a special offering of sorts.

And that's just the Queen and Philip.

We also know that other members of the royal family have their own holiday greeting cards.

It is our understanding that The Cambridges and The Sussexes send their cards to close friends.


We'll be checking the post every day in that case...