You's Penn Badgley and Cardi B are fangirling over each other on Twitter 1 year ago

You's Penn Badgley and Cardi B are fangirling over each other on Twitter

Lets hope Cardi isn't Joe's next target.

You star Penn Badgley and rapper Cardi B have changed their Twitter profile pictures to photos of each other after realising they are both mutual fans.


The wholesome new friendship began when a video resurfaced of Penn discussing his "pathetic" relationship with social media, admitting that he admired Cardi's online authenticity.

"It's this incredibly nuanced place to be and despite what many might judge as 'antic' she has an incredibly authentic relationship to social media and that's why people love her so much."

The WAP singer then retweeted the video and could hardly contain her excitement over Penn's comments.


"OOOOMMMFFFGGGGGG HE KNOWS ME!!! OMMMGGGG!!!!!! Yoooo like I'm famous, famous," she wrote.

To which Penn was left speechless, simply responding "I-".


In an unexpected move, Penn then updated his Twitter profile picture to an image of a blue-haired Cardi.

Cardi shared a video of a kid looking at a camera and asking his mom, "Is that you? Is that me?", before changing her profile picture to an image of Penn as his You character Joe Goldberg, staring creepily out a window.



Fans were left in awe watching the unexpected bonding between the two unfold.

"What is going on?" one fan commented.

"This is so random but I am here for it," another said.


Penn's new found Twitter friendship with Cardi is particularly heartwarming as the Gossip Girl star previously revealed how overwhelmed social media makes him feel.

On the Baha'i podcast with Rainn Willson, he said that he felt that the "most meaningful contribution I have to make as an individual is on these platforms," adding that he wants to use his fame to uplift others.

"And in trying to have a pure intention and honest interaction on these spaces, I also found that I was completely overwhelmed by being conscious of how many likes or retweets or whatever," he explained. "It was such a convoluted way to be like, 'acting.'"