10 reasons why you need to watch Someone Great on Netflix like, right now 2 years ago

10 reasons why you need to watch Someone Great on Netflix like, right now

Prepare for tears.

But, also prepare for an hour and 30 minutes that you wish would last much, much longer.


Over the weekend I watched Someone Great, a new addition to Netflix and one that drew me in due to the stellar cast and my love for a chick flick.

What I was expecting was your typical "get over your ex, get under another" style movie. One that centres around the girl gang constantly clubbing, full of witty one-liners, getting with random lads and then "finding themselves" at the end.

A cliched film that works well but is awfully predictable.

What I wasn't expecting was such a real and heart-wrenching tale of a breakup, one where there's no cheating, no massive "f*ck you" moment just the heartbreaking story of two people who might have once been soulmates but now, are just simply better off apart.

The film is full of punches to the heart and stars Jane The Virgin's Gina Rodriguez as well as Brittany Snow, DaWanda Wise and Lakeith Standfield.

So if I haven't given you reason enough to watch this tear-jerker yet, here are 10 more reasons.


The soundtrack is insane

As well as the storyline, the soundtrack makes this movie and it's one that fans are loving. From Lorde's Supercut to Lizzo's Truth Hurts and Sam Cooke’s 1957 ballad I’ll Come Running to You, this movie's music is getting serious praise and rightly so.

It's tragically relatable

From a melancholy sex scene where both partners know they're fighting an uphill battle to make their relationship work to a scene in the corner store where everything reminds Jenny (Gina Rodriguez) of her past relationship leaving her numb and lifeless, this film will strike a chord with everyone.


It focuses on the power of friendship

There is nothing better in a chick flick than a girl gang that seriously work and this one knocks it out of the park. Their love for eachother is ultimately the cure to any problem and they prove that nothing truly has to be faced or tackled alone... when you've got your girls, you've got all you need.

Lakeith Standfield is our new man crush everyday

We don't see the ex (Lakeith Standfield) as a villain or a dick in this film - which is very refreshing, and the fact that he's extremely gorgeous makes this movie super easy on the eye.


RuPaul has a deadly cameo

RuPaul stars as the girl's drug dealer come, therapist, and his short role is one that packs a punch.

Gina Rodriguez nailed her main goal of having an all inclusive cast


Gina Rodriguez not only starred in the flick as the lead but, was also a producer on the movie with a goal to create a diverse cast which she succeeded in doing.

The end scene packs a punch

I won't give away any spoilers but, it's not your conventional Hollywood ending.

"You've been blessed with a broken heart. When it doesn't hurt anymore, that's when you know it's over"

Get ready to quote this movie from now on.

The outfits are CUTE

Not only is the casting good, the music deadly, the storyline an emotional rollercoaster BUT, the clothes are also fire. Can this honestly get any better?

The film has a sense of healing

Although I've discussed how heartbreaking the film is, if you're going through a breakup then this film is almost a source of relatable comfort. Everyone goes through breakups that feel like your heart will never heal and it's OK to cry, it's OK to reminisce and it's OK to take time because you will heal and you will date again and pain does pass and this movie sums it all up in a 90-minute therapy session.

Someone Great is truly the movie we have all needed and now on Netflix.