20 questions about Love Island from a person who has never seen it 5 years ago

20 questions about Love Island from a person who has never seen it

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If you're not already hooked on Love Island then it's not too late to start now. Although it's a few weeks in, there have been so many changes that you could definitely start watching it and know exactly what's going on after one episode.


To get you quickly up to speed - Marcel (your man from the Blazin' Squad) and Gabby are the most loved-up, Chris and Olivia are also firmly together but they bicker all the time, Kem and Amber are on the rocks and then the rest are all as confused as we are.

But, if you haven't even seen one episode then you might have a few questions about the show. Mainly, why is every so obsessed with it?

There is no specific reason, it's just addictive viewing. Once you get sucked into the world of Love Island there is no getting out of it.

There are a few other questions which frequently get asked about the show from those who haven't seen it. Some of which we may never know the answers to.


Here are 20 questions we've received from a person who has never seen Love Island:

  1. Is it actually an Island?
  2. What is it even about?
  3. Why are the guys so beefed up?
  4. What do they do when the camera isn't on them?
  5. Why are they always crying?
  6. Do they wear suncream? Because they don't look shiny.
  7. Do they wear a different bikini every day?
  8. How did they pack that amount of stuff?
  9. Do they ever leave the house for excursions?
  10. Have they been to the beach?
  11. Why are their teeth so white?
  12. What were their jobs before they went on the show?
  13. What skills are required to be a Love Island contestant?
  14. Are they just desperately single or desperately seeking fame?
  15. What does Caroline Flack do?
  16. How many pairs of underwear did they bring with them?
  17. Who does their washing?
  18. What would they do on a rainy day?
  19. Is there a Big Brother style diary room?
  20. Are we really missing out?

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