Apparently there was a massive continuity error on Friends when Rachel was pregnant 2 years ago

Apparently there was a massive continuity error on Friends when Rachel was pregnant

Ah come on now.

Friends was on for a good few years.


During that time, lots of things happened on the show.

Ross and Rachel went on a break. Phoebe married Mike. Chandler went over to Yemen to pretend her lived there to get away from a crazy girlfriend because lol, gas.

Oh, and Rachel was pregnant.

The latter probably came as one of the biggest shocks of the entire series, with audiences around the globe desperately trying to figure out who in the world got Rachel Green pregnant.


Turns out it was Ross and the pair welcome baby Emma a solid year and a bit after she was conceived.

Yeah, she spent over a year pregnant. No wonder she was so done with it by the end.

Reddit user 'ubeenbamboozled' made the discovery earlier this week, stating that Rachel had been pregnant for a full year due to the dates alluded to in the show.


"During my rewatch I realized Monica and Chandler got married May 2001," they said. "Rachel knew she was pregnant a couple of days before the wedding. Emma was born May 2002."

Unreal. Solid continuity there by all involved.

In fairness though, Friends writers probably had a lot to worry about during that time, including how they were going to somehow make Ross seem likeable enough again to warrant him being the father of this unborn child.

They had a lot on their plates.


Also, as responses to the original post have since stated, it's entirely possible that Rachel was actually pregnant the standard amount of time due to the break that the show took between seasons.

Either way though lads, calm down, it's just a television programme.