5 juicy things you might have missed on Love Island last night 10 months ago

5 juicy things you might have missed on Love Island last night

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Last night packed the DRAMA.

How are we only on episode two and we've already got this much tea?

From tears to tough decisions, sex positions to salty secrets, Love Island already has us hooked and we're not only discussing every episode in depth on our show, in the office bathrooms and on our Whatsapp chats but, we're also recapping on the best moments right here so you don't miss a thing.

So what are the juiciest moments from last night's episode?

We had our first shift of the season

Lucie and Joe TASHED ON. It was quite the smooch and it didn't just happen once, but twice. The Islanders are only in the house a mere few days but connections are already occuring and hearts are most definitely about to be broken @joe.

Curtis crashed a Karma Sutra site for mentioning a sex position

Of course he did. Last night Cutris mentioned that his favourite "romantic position" was the "Eagle" only for hundreds of thousands of viewers to rush online to Google the position leading to a site called Sex Positions to crash.


Everyone wasn't impressed with how cocky Amber was

So far, Amber has come across as the diva in the group. Slamming fellow Islanders and describing herself as a 10/10 diva, her first impression is going down like a lead balloon with fans.

Tommy likes Hannah Montana

Tommy became a villa preacher last night reminding people that he IS a NICE guy because he LIKES Hannah Montana. Did you know he LIKES Disney Channel which OBVIOUSLY must make him a nice guy, right? Right?


The recoupling had us SHOOK

Curtis chose Amy and left Anton on his own while Tommy SHOT in and took Lucie from Joe. A shock move that had everyone gripped.

Poor Joe, the look of heartbreak was real.

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