5 new things to watch on Netflix this bank holiday weekend 1 year ago

5 new things to watch on Netflix this bank holiday weekend

Another week, another huge batch of Netflix additions.

The streaming service have been on top of their game lately, with a number of jaw-dropping and binge-worthy additions.

From Russian Doll to Dirty John; Velvet Buzzsaw to FYRE, there has been no shortage of new documentaries, TV series or films to watch.

And this weekend is no exception.

If you're looking for something to watch, here are five new Netflix additions to check out  this Bank Holiday weekend.

The Disappearance of Madeleine McCann

The Disappearance of Madeleine McCann is a detailed look of the disappearance of 3-year-old Madeleine McCann who vanished from the seaside resort of Praia de Luz in Portugal, while on holiday with her family.

By blending new interviews with more than 40 contributors, 120 hour of interviews, archival news footage and re-enactments, the series goes beyond the headlines and takes a unique look at the facts of the case as well as its impact on media standards around the world.

Queer Eye

The Emmy Award-winning Queer Eye returns ready to transform the stylistically challenged and into hip and happening savants at the hands of the Fab Five.

This season, these fearless ambassadors of taste are headed to Kansas City to bring their infectious brand of self-love, confidence and encouragement to a whole new roster of heroes.


KATIE intimately follows champion boxer Katie Taylor as she attempts to rebuild her career after a year of turmoil threatened to derail her career.

With many writing her off, Taylor decided to start again, and the notoriously private champion agreed to let a small crew document her attempt to rescale the heights. 

Turn Up Charlie 

Turn Up Charlie centres on the titular Charlie, a struggling DJ and eternal bachelor, who is given a final chance at success when he reluctantly becomes a ‘manny’ to his famous best friend's problem-child daughter, Gabby.

Triple Frontier 

A group of former Special Forces operatives reunite to plan a heist in a sparsely populated multi-border zone of South America.

For the first time in their prestigious careers these unsung heroes undertake this dangerous mission for self instead of country. But when events take an unexpected turn and threaten to spiral out of control, their skills, their loyalties and their morals are pushed to a breaking point in an epic battle for survival.