5 of the most ridiculous moments on Selling Sunset Season 4 8 months ago

5 of the most ridiculous moments on Selling Sunset Season 4

I mean, where to start?

The fourth season of the sensational reality show Selling Sunset landed on Netflix earlier this week, and, to be honest, it couldn't have come at a better time.


With uncertainty regarding Christmas and restrictions and Covid mounting, it was nice to escape into the world of dreamy real estate, stunning couture and high drama.

While no one could doubt the appeal of Selling Sunset, it is, at the end of the day, a truly ridiculous TV show. With that being said, here are 5 of the most ridiculous moments from the latest season.

1. Christine's chair purse

We can always count on Christine to deliver high camp fashion, and season four was no exception. Setting the tone in episode one, this diva rocked up to a meeting with Jason sporting a mini chair purse. Now, of course it's completely non-functional, but we want one all the same.


2. When the girls lost it over Crunchies

The women of the Openheim Group have TASTE. Chrishell brightened everyone's day by bringing in a rake of Crunchies to the office and professing her love for Irish treats. And she's right, Crunchies are great.


3. The Emma/Christine/Heather/Some random guy love rhombus

The show runners were really trying to push this storyline, and it fell a little flat, primarily because it was so ruddy confusing. Who is this guy? Why is everyone getting upset over drama that happened several years ago? What's going on?


4. Emma joining the Openheim Group, just generally

Don't get me wrong, Emma seems like a very sweet person, but her becoming a realtor makes no sense, given the fact that she's already some sort of business mogul. I mean, the woman travels in private jets, owns a vegan food empire, lives in a massive house, but for some reason wants to sell property? How does she have the time? And why is everyone else like, "Oh yeah, that makes sense"? It DOESN'T.


5. The dog birthday party

It's baffling enough that Mary and Jason share 'custody' of their two, admittedly really cute, dogs, but why was this party so high stakes? And why did Jason feel the need to not only write two poems for his dogs but to read them aloud? Bit cringe if you ask me.