5 things we know for sure about this year's Love Island 5 months ago

5 things we know for sure about this year's Love Island

Tonight... on Love Island.

Love Island is so close we can almost taste it, the theme song is already stuck in our heads and we're finally getting a glimpse at the contestants.


And with the new bout of islanders already released and an insight into what we can expect, we've got a few thoughts on how this season will go down.

So why not share them, right? Here's our 5 things we know for sure is about to go down in the villa.

The villa

love island

When the winter series of the show aired first, a lot of people were upset about the new South African villa and really missed the one we all knew and loved.

But this is where the good news comes in, the new islanders are making their way back to the Majorca villa, and of course they'll all need to do a two week quarantine before the show begins.

Spain is allowing British tourists back into the country too, so there's no excuse for the original villa to not be there.


The clashes

With a wild mix of people taking part this year, we don't know where to start. But we can guarantee one thing, there's about to be a whole lot of drama.

From PE teachers and bloggers to fellas that live with their nan, there's definitely someone for everyone this year. But with so many different personalities, there's bound to be a lot of clashes.

Like the years gone by, there is always a guaranteed fight. Whether it's just a small tiff or a full blown screaming match Anna and Jordan style, but we can't make any assumptions on who will be causing the rows until we see more than just their picture.


Not to mention the recoupling after Casa Amor...

Casa Amor

While we mention it, Casa Amor is a staple in the show, and each year it gets switched up and the the boys and girls alternate between the second villa.


We can only assume it'll be the same thing this season, and based on their track record, it'll be the girls heading off for a few days with a new batch of boys introduced.

In the last season, the lads left the villa, so it's the girls' turn. But who knows, they could switch it up completely like they did in the Australian version.

There we saw the girls being put in the Hideaway for a night while the boys were introduced to a new group of girls in the regular villa.

The style


Love Island has blessed us with some of the most beautiful dresses that make us want to apply for the show just to play dress up.

Everything from Pretty Little Thing to Oh Polly dresses have been spotted on the show, and we can guarantee this will be a huge part of the evenings again this year.

And that's not even the best part, the girls spend their days lounging by the pool in some stunning swimsuits, and they'll be wearing them just in time to give us some much needed staycation style inspo.

You can even get your very own Love Island merch to really feel like you're part of the show.

The hosts


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A post shared by Laura ⚡️ (@thewhitmore)

Laura Whitmore and Iain Stirling are making their return to the brand new series, with Laura posting all about the new batch of contestants, while her other half is joining in on the fun too.

Laura wrote on Instagram today: "I think we’re all ready for some love! Ahhhhhh! So excited to watch the new islanders."

"Hope you enjoy talking about them and following their journey and just a reminder to treat them with love, compassion and respect when they leave the show and go back to real life. Caroline I hope we do you proud. One week to go."