A The Devil Wears Prada musical is officially happening and we're booking our flights already 4 years ago

A The Devil Wears Prada musical is officially happening and we're booking our flights already

Devil Wears Prada musical is officially happening - and we're booking our flights already.

Yes, that's right: Tony-winning director Anna D. Shapiro is adapting Lauren Weisberger's iconic book for the stage - and the music is going to be written by Elton John and Shaina Taub.


Deadline report the musical will be making its pre-Broadway debut in Chicago next summer.

Previews will begin on July 14, 2020 at Chicago’s James M. Nederlander Theatre and the shows will continue through August 16.

Dates and a venue for the eventual Broadway run have not been announced yet.


The official synopsis for the production reads:

"Trying to survive under her stylish yet terrifying boss, Andy finds herself caught between the dreams she thought she wanted, and the cost of what that reality brings.

"A joyous, funny, and — of course — ultraglamorous story about navigating life’s runway to discover where you’re meant to be, The Devil Wears Prada is a new musical that gives the hit film a fabulously fresh makeover.

"Sometimes the best fashion statements are sung."

Shaina Taub spoke to the publication in 2018 about what it was like to work with Elton John - and how the stage show would differ from the movie.


On working with the iconic performer, Taub said:

"The producers gave me a call, asked if I was interested, and I was extremely interested. I loved the movie, I always have, always thought it would be an amazing musical.

"And I’m a huge fan of Elton’s work, obviously, for so many years, and it just felt right and worked out. I’ve been working on that since the spring, and I went to London earlier this summer and wrote the first batch of songs with Elton.

"It’s just a thrill. He’s an incredible artist and so kind, and so open, and so collaborative, and it’s just been a really powerful experience to work with a legend who really is an artist who loves making music and loves to collaborate with new people. It’s just been a wonderful experience so far, and I’m excited to keep going."

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And while she said she would "hesitate to say too much" about how the show would differ from the movie, she did drop a few hints about what fans can expect.


She continued:

"We’re early enough in that process that I would hesitate to say too much, but I think we all love those characters, we all love Miranda Priestly and Andy Sachs, and to me it’s about doing justice to that story and those characters, and also heightening them for the stage.

"Finding that balance with any adaptation between giving fans what they want and helping to look at it in a new way.

"I feel that way with the Shakespeares as well, these time-worn classic plays that people have seen over and over again, and know and love. I want to honor that, but I also want to bring a new perspective."