Aer Lingus' hilarious response to that SNL sketch with Saoirse Ronan 2 years ago

Aer Lingus' hilarious response to that SNL sketch with Saoirse Ronan


Saoirse Ronan took over hosting duties on last night’s SNL and it made for a very Irish show with a guest performance from U2.

Yes, the actress made reference to her home multiple times throughout the show, from her opening monologue teaching viewers how to say her name properly, to one sketch in particular that featured the actress playing the role of an Aer Lingus flight attendant.

The sketch was about the cabin crew of an Aer Lingus flight from Dublin to Cork and while it might have gotten a few chuckles from US audiences (only a few, mind), it didn’t go down all that well with Irish viewers.

The sketch quickly racked up a lot of negative comments online with many saying they just didn’t get the punchline.

“Kinda not getting the punchline here, but OK,” wrote one viewer.

“What part of this was supposed to be funny?” asked another.

Yes, the sketch left viewers very confused, with multiple dogs randomly appearing throughout and the obligatory mention of potatoes.

However, the best response came from Aer Lingus themselves.

The airline has since responded to the bizarre sketch with a tweet that paid homage to that from another person who was left scorned by an SNL sketch.

Yes, the tweet is of course copying the one that Donal Trump posted after Alec Baldwin’s killer performance as him shortly after he was elected president.

While Aer Lingus might not have found the humour in the sketch, we found it in their tweet – fair play!