An American YouTuber reviewed Derry Girls and it is legit perfection 5 months ago

An American YouTuber reviewed Derry Girls and it is legit perfection

Same, tbh.

Derry Girls is an institution.

There may only be one season and six episodes of it but in all honesty that was enough to solidify it as one of the most hysterical, touching, and just generally brilliant comedies to ever come out of Ireland.

And the world, probably.

For a while there, the only people who could enjoy Derry Girls were the Irish and the Brits.

We blitzed through all of its episodes, went on and on about how gas it was, and then rewatched them all on All4 afterwards.

But then, Derry Girls dropped on Netflix worldwide and suddenly, everybody got on board. 

One of those people was US YouTuber Tyler Rusher who, like most of us, watched the series and immediately fell in love with the characters, the gags, and the exquisite writing.

Taking to Twitter, Rusher shared a video of herself listing all of the reasons why Derry Girls needs a second season. These included:

  • The show not being about teenage girls chasing boys or being stupid
  • It having a historical context
  • Erin being comedic gold
  • It being generally "amazing"

Rusher also did a particularly dodgy accent at the end of her review that sounded more cockney London than Derry but look, we won't hold it against her, it's grand.

Derry Girls star Nicola Coughlan soon got wind of the video and decided to thank Rusher for her kind words - and assure her that season two is coming very, very soon. 

"You are incredible," she wrote. "My face nearly fell off from smiling watching this, I cannot, I love you and Season 2 is FILMED and coming this year."

She then added: "You’ve made (my day)! You are an actual ray of sunshine."

Season two of Derry Girls will be dropping onto Channel 4 in early March.

Get hyped.