Andrew McGinley thanks Daniel O'Donnell for Late Late shout out and hails him a "hero" 11 months ago

Andrew McGinley thanks Daniel O'Donnell for Late Late shout out and hails him a "hero"

Oh, Daniel.

There's nobody quite like Daniel O'Donnell, and while we've all considered him a national treasure for years, he's now he's being deemed a "hero" after his Andrew McGinley shout out on The Late Late.


Daniel appeared on Friday's Late Late Show to mark his 60th birthday but used his time on the couch to bring people's attention to Andrew McGinley's As Darragh Did initiative.

The singer is set to perform at a charity concert for the initiative next year and used his time on the show to not only talk about his career but to bring awareness to the charity and promote As Darragh Did.

"That's the first concert that we're doing in Ireland. It's for As Darragh Did and this is Andrew keeping the memory of his children alive and it's a limited amount of tickets and it's going to be done in a raffle," he said to host Ryan Tubridy.


"There's only a couple more days but I would urge people to go on the website and you know even if you're not going to get to the concert, I suppose, our hearts went out to the family when this happened.

"Just to help this man in his grief if they could go on and buy a ticket, even if they won the ticket and they don't go I won't be annoyed but I hope that it does great.

"He wants to do something for each of the children and he's a marvellous man to be able to go ahead and I just don't know how he can get up every morning and take a step but I think this is helping him, so if people are watching if you can go on the website and just buy a raffle ticket. It would be just such a help to this man."


Of course, his touching mention of Andrew's charity and the work he's been doing to keep his children's memory alive deemed him a "hero" by Andrew.

Andrew took to Twitter and alongside a video of Daniel, he wrote: "There goes my hero."

This comes only weeks after Andrew was dropped from the Late Late Show lineup after Deirdre Morely's family raised concerns over his appearance.