Another couple become 'boyfriend and girlfriend' on tonight's Love Island 11 months ago

Another couple become 'boyfriend and girlfriend' on tonight's Love Island

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OMG this is so sweet.

We have a good few solid couples on Love Island now. Molly Mae and Tommy have been solid for a few weeks now. Maura and Curtis seem to be going from strength to strength and Anton and Belle are looking like that couple who will have explosive fights but always make their way back to each other.

Another couple who have been quite strong (except for that Casa Amor blip) is Anna and Jordan. Their chemistry is undeniable and they have always got on like a house of fire.

Well, tonight Jordan wants to make their relationship official as he asks Anna to be his girlfriend.

During the episode, Jordan fills the lads in on his plan to make Anna his girlfriend and it will actually melt your heart.

Jordan tells them: “I want the boys’ opinion. I want to ask Anna to be my chick! I want to make a gesture now and it’ll be special and something we can remember.”

He wants to take Anna on a trip down memory lane and goes all over the villa to places that they made memories.

At the swing seat, Jordan and Anna chat about their first kiss. Jordan then makes his move and says: “I’ve never trusted anyone as much as I’ve trusted you. I am amazed by you. I feel like I’m falling for you.”

He then asks: “I wanted to ask you to be my girlfriend.”

Is Anna ready to make things official? We can't wait to find out!

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