Belle has called Molly-May 'two-faced' after being dumped from Love Island 2 years ago

Belle has called Molly-May 'two-faced' after being dumped from Love Island

Belle has branded Molly-Mae "two-faced" after last night's Love Island dumping.

She and Anton left the villa in last night's show after Molly-Mae and her boyfriend Tommy voted for them to leave.


Speaking after the elimination, Belle revealed that she thought she could be a bit sneaky.

"I haven’t watched it back yet, however, I do maybe think that could have been tactical," she said of Molly-Mae's vote.

"I think Molly has too many opinions sometimes.

"I like Molly, I really get on with Molly, but she can be a little bit two faced, unknowingly.

"She doesn’t mean it, but she does say that."

Still, Belle's not fussed about whether other contestants think she and Anton make a good couple.

"I personally think me and Anton are well suited," she said.

"Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but at the end of the day, we will see it for what it is."

Molly-Mae has faced criticism from some viewers over the past few weeks as some believe she's not truly interested in Tommy.

Fans of the show have taken to Twitter to accuse her of faking her feelings and undermining other couples to try to win the show.



Love Island concludes on Virgin Media Two tonight at 9pm.