Bling Empire renewed for season 2 1 month ago

Bling Empire renewed for season 2

We have so many questions.

Netflix have confirmed that the hugely popular reality series Bling Empire will return for a second season.


The streaming platform has yet to give a release date, but we may expect a new season some time this year.

Bling Empire premiered on Netflix earlier this year, and follows the extremely wealthy members of Los Angeles' Asian-American community.

While the show's premise may not sound like the most relatable content during a global pandemic, Bling Empire found itself a strong cult following who were endeared by their jet-setting lifestyles and extravagant shopping sprees.

So what exactly can we expect from this second installment? During season one, we saw Cherie Chan finally bite the bullet and propose to her long-term partner. We also saw - much to the viewers' frustration - Kelly Mi Lee get back together with her ex Andrew Gray.

Still, many questions remain. For instance, will we get to see a glimpse into leading man Kane's dating life? Will rivals Anna Shay and Christine Chiu find some common ground? Anything is possible with this lot.


We do know, however, that the cast has many surprises in store.

Speaking to Oprah Magazine, Christine gave viewers a glimpse of what to expect: "If you thought I dropped a big bomb in season one, then you have no idea."

While the star didn't go into any further detail, she did indicate that her storyline would "touch many people" and be "timely in our climate".

Additionally, Bling Empire's executive producer Jeff Jenkins revealed that the Kelly/Kevin/Andrew love triangle is still in effect.

He told Oprah Magazine that he is "just as interested as the next person to find out how it ends."


It's safe to say that neither can we.

Season one of Bling Empire is currently streaming on Netflix.