Brendan O'Carroll mourns tragic loss of Mrs Brown's Boys crew member 6 months ago

Brendan O'Carroll mourns tragic loss of Mrs Brown's Boys crew member

This year's Christmas episode of Mrs. Brown's Boys will be dedicated to the late crew member.

Brendan O'Carroll has paid tribute to Mrs Brown's Boys crew member Dennis Knotts who passed away from Covid earlier this month.


The comedian said that losing Dennis, who had been part of the crew from day one, was like losing a family member.

Dennis worked as a props master for BBC Scotland, where the award-winning show is filmed.

"He’s been on every show that we have done with the BBC and that’s ten years now... he was lovely,"  Brendan told the Irish Independent.

"We lost one of the family. There were people who had worked with Dennis for 40 years and they are just devastated - they can’t believe it.


"He was the most adorable man and actually, we dedicated the Christmas episode to him, we loved him very much."

Brendan’s wife and co-star, Jenny Gibney recalled how the cast and crew were in the middle of filming one of their two upcoming Christmas specials when they learned of his tragic passing.

“We were in the middle of recording that episode when we got word that he had passed,” she said.

“We did the show for Dennis; that’s how we all got through it. We said, ‘let’s do this one for Dennis.’ And we did. I think you need to remember that the virus is still out there and keep taking all the precautions."


Fans of the show will be delighted to hear that BBC are broadcasting a special anniversary show titled Mrs Brown’s Boys Live 10 Year Anniversary on Friday 29 October.

The show is the first episode to be filmed in front of a live studio audience in almost two years and will show Agnes (Brendan Carroll) being haunted by a spirit that only she can see.

Brendan revealed his excitement at finally being able to record the show in front of an audience again.


"You get your energy from them, you react to them. It was just so good to do those two shows... I nearly started to cry as it was the first time I heard the theme music in 18 months. It was quite emotional.”