You can now buy the real motel from Schitt's Creek 4 months ago

You can now buy the real motel from Schitt's Creek

Ok, who wants to go halfsies?

Schitt's Creek is one of those shows that really snuck up on me.


I remember everyone saying to me 'you have to watch Schitt's Creek, it's amazing' but half way through the first season I just wasn't convinced.

Fast forward to the last episode of the final season and I was close to tears and raging that there wouldn't be anymore episodes.

Even though I am devastated that filming on the show is over there might be a little silver lining to it all as it seems that Rosebud Motel is now up for grabs.

The Hockley Motel in Mono, Ontario has recently gone on the market for two million dollars which is roughly €1.6 million.

While it's a bit out of my price range, the property has ten bedrooms, so maybe if I go in with a few friends....


Ok, it might be a bit of a pie in the sky dream but I really would be surprised if whoever does buy it doesn't turn it into a Schitt's Creek tourist attraction.

With how popular the show is you'd be a fool not to.

The motel sits on 2.7 ha (6.7 acres) of land along Hockley Road, about 90 minutes’ drive from Toronto, with the building covering 400 sq metres and far from the show the interiors are actually stunning.

There is also a two-storey ‘manager’s suite’ and a separate cottage and the entire property is surrounded by a beautiful forest.


Seriously can I move there tomorrow?

Of course, right at the top of the listing it boasts about it's Schitt's Creek connection;

"The Motel's exterior was famously used in Schitt’s Creek TV series that originally aired on CBC and has since become internationally distributed on Netflix."

If you fancy viewing the full listing and all of the gorgeous photos it's available to view on the Colliers Canada website.