You can now get a chance to smell The Queen 1 year ago

You can now get a chance to smell The Queen

Yes, you read that right.

While we don't typically sit up wondering at night what the Queen could possibly smell like, there's now a way to find out other than taking a sniff of the woman herself.


But if this is something that has kept you up at night, your dreams are about to come true as you can now find out exactly what she smells like at Madame Tussauds Blackpool.

After launching a new wax figure of Queen Elizabeth II, the experience of seeing it is like no other as it smells just like her too.

With a fragrance based on flowers that are important to the Queen and her history, AromaPrime has created scents like this for other attractions, but this one has been appropriately named Palace Breeze.

With lily of the valley as the main scent as it was in her coronation bouquet, it also has hints of azaleas and even the Tudor rose.


The aim of having her scented is that guests feel as if they have entered Buckingham Palace and are in her presence.

Speaking of the regal scent, Liam R. Findlay, Scent Consultant at AromaPrime, said: "This is a soft, sweet and dazzling aroma, inspired by the elegance of Buckingham Palace and Her Majesty the Queen.


"Our scent receptors are connected to the part of the brain which processes emotions; we designed this scent so that when guests take a sniff, they will feel relaxed, as if standing in a beautiful Royal palace.

"Because of how our minds remember scents, the inclusion of a scent with the Queen will mean guests may well remember this special meeting for decades to come, just like a smell can take you straight back to your childhood!"

Wild from start to finish.