Chase Crawford has a lot to say about the ending of Gossip Girl AND the reboot 1 year ago

Chase Crawford has a lot to say about the ending of Gossip Girl AND the reboot

If you haven't heard already, Gossip Girl is coming back.

It's going to be a bit different this time around, with new characters and a new Gossip Girl. So far, none of the original characters have been confirmed to take part in the series, but producer of the show, Josh Schwartz, says that he's open to invite a few of them back in.

However, Chase Crawford spoke to Cosmo about the reboot, as well as the ending of the original show, and it doesn't seem like he's too keen to make a comeback.

While on location filming for his TV show, The Boys, he said that he "hasn't heard anything official" about Nate Archibald returning to the Upper East Side.

He does have a few thoughts on what will make this series a success though, and it mainly involves changing the ending.

“I think they’re smart, to keep it going. You can write with the ending in mind can build more to the end,” he said.

Obviously, everyone was a bit shocked that Dan Humphrey turned out to be Gossip Girl, and while Chase was in conversation, he didn't seem to happy about it either.

“I mean, don’t know... Was it controversial? I can’t remember what people have said about Dan.

“Me personally, I thought it was kind of funny," he continued. "I can’t speak for Penn, but I’m not even really sure what I think about it.

"It’s hard—on any show that has a good run and has a large, passionate fan base—to end it. You can never give it an ending that lives up to the expectation, right? If I’m being honest, just knowing Penn at the time, we all thought it was kind of funny.”

Okaaaaay, then.