Christine Quinn confirms Netflix is making Selling Sunset season 4 5 months ago

Christine Quinn confirms Netflix is making Selling Sunset season 4

We can all sleep easy tonight knowing that Selling Sunset is coming back.

Whoever started those rumours about the show not returning needs to check themselves. I never fully believed it, but the tiniest part of me was not looking forward to a life without real estate drama from Selling Sunset.


Well, we can all breathe again because thanks to Christine Quinn, we know we won't have to live a life like that.

Earlier this week, Christine was on ITV This Morning, and confirmed that the show is definitely coming back, there have just been a few filming issues because of Covid.

The pandemic is getting in the way of us seeing our families and now it's delaying us from seeing those gorgeous houses in Selling Sunset - a crying shame.

"We're not back filming now, but Jason has confirmed we've been picked up for another series, but we're kind of just waiting," she said.

Christine went on to say "no one really had a date" because "filming restrictions are really hard." But hey, at least we know its happening!

A little while ago, things were not so sweet on Sunset when rumours started to circle that the brokerage had split after news that Brett had started his own company called Oppenheim Real Estate.


During her appearance on This Morning, Christine also revealed plans to show off her own house in the new series of MTV Cribs.

"You guys are used to seeing me selling other people's home, but I thought it was time to show them my home," she said.

When asked to be part of the new series, Christine immediately said yes. "It was iconic, I was so excited," she said.

"This show has me, Gemma Colllins, and Caitlyn Jenner. It was my favourite show growing up."