Christmas FM returns tomorrow, July 9... No, really 2 years ago

Christmas FM returns tomorrow, July 9... No, really

Excuse me?

Christmas FM will return tomorrow, July 9, and yes you did read that correctly.


Everybody's favourite festive season-based radio station will be back on the airwaves tomorrow for one day only to add some Christmas cheer to your socially distant summer.

The station is returning from 7am to midnight tomorrow (July 9) - and it wants to hear your “Christmas Magic Moments" to celebrate.

Everything from stories, songs, memories, food and traditions - all Christmas themed, all totally inappropriate for July.

“We are on the countdown to Christmas, so we’re dusting off the mics and we want to share this festive cheer with you – what better time than July when we have less than six months to go!" said Garvan Rigby, co-founder of Christmas FM.


"We want to hear from you. Tell us about your “Christmas Magic Moments”- have you a favourite memory or is there a tradition you always do? Is there a funny story from last year? Who do you want around the kitchen table? Tell us about what makes Christmas magic for you!"

It being in December, usually.

Listeners who share their favourite Christmas moment with the station on their Instagram tomorrow will also be in with a chance to win themselves a nifty little One4All voucher too.


So, you know, there's an incentive to tune in.

You can listen to Christmas FM tomorrow here.