What does Conor and Dee's latest couple pic mean? 5 years ago

What does Conor and Dee's latest couple pic mean?

What's the story, lads?

Another week, another attention-grabbing Conor McGregor photo - but this time, it's with his *actual* girlfriend.


He shared a photo of himself and his other half Dee Devlin in front of a private jet on Instagram last night.

His caption is what's gotten everyone talking, though; "Zoom in."

Zoom in

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We zoomed - and couldn't tell what we were supposed be looking at.

Are they engaged? Is Dee pregnant again?

Is it because you can kind of see her pink bra through her top, as some people have pointed out?

Is it that they're showing a united front after last week's Rita Ora drama?


Is it that he's not wearing socks? (Won't he get blisters from his runners?)

Are we just being completely trolled by the best troll there is?

If you could just tell us and clear all of this up, Conor, that'd be great.


Earlier in the evening he shared a video of the couple sitting on the plane and enjoying a glass of bubbles, suggesting that if Dee did get odd over the photos Rita Ora posted of herself and Conor last week, she's over it now.

Rita caused a bit of a sh*tstorm when she shared the images, taken at the British Fashion Awards, with the caption "Date night" on Twitter.

A rep for the singer later clarified that Rita uses that caption for everyone. As you do.

"Date night is a figure of speech, Rita also posted selfies with Donatella Versace as her real date and one with Jourdan Dunn as her date," the spokesperson said