It's official: the stupidest EVER moment on The Chase has finally happened 1 year ago

It's official: the stupidest EVER moment on The Chase has finally happened

Oh mate. Oh mate oh mate oh mate.

What do you need to compete on The Chase? A good grasp of general knowledge, the ability to think under pressure, and a bit of banter for good measure. You are on TV after all.


You should also probably have a good attention span. You wouldn't to make a ridiculous error on television now would you? But of course, some contestants do not possess such a good attention span, and end up making embarrassing errors that will haunt them forever.

On Wednesday, a clip from the popular daytime TV show surfaced on social media. The contestant who had stepped up for that round incorrectly guessed 'Cadbury' as the answer to 'which confectionary company makes Revels?' A fair guess, I'm sure you'll agree. We don't all notice the small labels on sweet packets.

So, given her answer was wrong, it was passed over to her teammates, who conferred over which answer to go with. One gentleman suggests Cadbury to their other teammate. She looked understandably baffled, given that answer was just rejected, and appears to suggest that the answer might be Mars.

The man, with a vacant look on his face, turns to everyone's favourite daytime TV host, and said... "Cadbury."

Walsh, also looking absolutely bamboozled, points towards the woman who had just answered Cadbury, reminding him of that fact, before informing him of the correct answer, which was of course...


You have to see it to believe it.