Coronation Street fans reckon they have figured out the new 'super villain' 5 months ago

Coronation Street fans reckon they have figured out the new 'super villain'

Uh oh.

For weeks now, Coronation Street has been dropping hints about an impending 'super villain' - and now fans reckon they have figured out who it is.

It's been said that an already established character will be "corrupted" and turn into a "complicated villainous presence" in Weatherfield.

The character will also be responsible for causing the roof of the factory to collapse on a beloved resident in March.

Viewers now reckon they have figured out who the villain is - and it makes total sense.

On Wednesday night, Nick Tilsley was revealed as the thief who had stolen Audrey Roberts' £80,000 - and Coronation Street fans were furious.

The factory owner had his grandmother convinced that it was her dead partner, Lewis, who had swiped her savings. However, the truth was revealed after Nick returned home from attending Lewis' funeral with his mum, Gail, and Audrey.

He told Leanne how Audrey and accused Claudia of stealing the money, adding:

"You know, if Claudia did take it she would be hard-pressed to spend the cash that quickly. That's if it was taken out in cash...

"That's the challenge, isn't it? Laundering it and making it look legit."

As Leanne wondered aloud "what £80,000 looks like", Nick - who was in the other room - zipped open his gym bag, giving viewers a glimpse at the cash stuffed inside.

If fans are right and Nick is the new Weatherfield villain, then he will gradually become more evil after he causes the roof of the factory to collapse on top of one unfortunate resident.

Corrie boss Iain MacLeod previously said that the new "super villain" would be very different than the likes of Pat Phelan and Richard Hillman.

He said:

"No one flicks a switch in this character's head that makes them bad. It happens organically through desperation and through corruption of their original intentions. It's about small choices that can force you into a role that you never saw for yourself.

"Corrie can have baddies who come in, burn bright and then are gone, but also a more long-range type, like Mike Baldwin, who is ruthless and self-serving and rides roughshod over everybody.

"We're designing a character who is more of that latter type, who can stay in the show forever as an antagonist just messing up everyone's lives. We're going with this character on this journey, you go in seeing their intentions were good but things rapidly snowball.

"By the end of 2019 there will be a new, complicated villainous presence on the cobbles."