Coronation Street has revealed the first look at the factory roof collapse 11 months ago

Coronation Street has revealed the first look at the factory roof collapse

It's the moment Coronation Street fans have been waiting for.

Late last year, Coronation Street showruner Iain MacLeod announced that a beloved Weatherfield resident would be dying as the Underworld factory collapsed.

He explained that the factory collapse is going to appear as an accident at first, however the mystery will be "revealed to be a mystery and it'll have been some kind of criminal enterprise that causes it all to fall down."

And eventually, the Weatherfield residents will begin to realise that the factory collapse is actually the work of a twisted person among them - a new "long-range" super villain.

Now, the soap has given fans the first look at the Underworld factory collapse, which is set to devastate Weatherfield residents.

In scenes set to air next week, the factory staff - as well as Gemma and Emma - lock themselves into the building in protest of Carla's new business model, which will see them lose their jobs.

In a brutal twist of fate, the protest seems them left fighting for their lives too as Underworld was meant to be empty on the day of the roof collapse.

Sally and Gina are in danger after they climb onto the scaffolding on top of the factory to hang their protest banners.

The sisters get into an almighty row and, just as tensions spike, the roof collapses. Sally falls first, screaming as she disappears under a cloud of rubble.

Other photos released by Coronation Street show Gemma, Paul, Kirk and Sean all laying among the ruins of the factory.

Could one of them be the beloved Weatherfield resident set to be killed in the collapse?

Abi, Tyrone and Tim are all among those first on the scene and storm into the factory to try and get the protestors to safety.

But as the debris keeps falling and the last part of the roof suddenly collapses, there may be even more people who are in danger.

The soap also released a trailer for the sure-to-be heartbreaking episodes - and hinted at three suspects.

The footage starts with Nick Tilsley walking down the cobbles, as he tells someone on the other end of the phone: "I don’t care what you do I just want Carla to pay."

It cuts to shots of the factory caving in, with dust flying everywhere as the scaffolding comes crashing down and the windows shatter.

Seb Franklin is then seen plotting about how he is going to get back at Gary Windass, telling Eileen: "I'm going to teach him and his dodgy workers a lesson."

Tim Metcalfe, Gina Seddon and Sarah Platt are seen running out of their houses after hearing the crash. Gary, who was responsible for fixing the roof, is among those who appear devastated.

It cuts again to the final suspect reveal: Robert Preston.

Before the factory collapses, Carla asks him: "What's going on Robert? What do you want?"

Glaring down at her, he replies: "To see your whole world come crashing down."

More Weatherfield residents arrive at the wreckage, trying to make sense of what had happened. The clip ends with Carla in tears as she realised what had actually happened.

You can check out the trailer below.