The Crown creator Peter Morgan defends fabricating scenes in season four 1 year ago

The Crown creator Peter Morgan defends fabricating scenes in season four

"This is how I decided to deal with it.”

The Crown - it's all anyone can talk about. And since the fourth season landed on Netflix over the weekend, it's all anyone will continue to talk about.


Whether you watch the show or not, you will definitely have heard a lot about this season, which has been hitting headlines a lot because this time around, Princess Diana features heavily.

This season explores their relationship and tells the story of their engagement, their marriage and everything in between.

But before all that, season four's first episode depicts Lord Mountbatten's death in Co. Sligo following an attack by the IRA.


Since the series appeared on Netflix, viewers noticed that creator Peter Morgan had taken some liberties with scenes between Prince Charles and Mountbatten about Charles' pursuit of Camilla.

Morgan said on the show's official podcast: “What we know is that Mountbatten was really responsible for taking Charles to one side at precisely this point and saying, ‘Look, you know, enough already with playing the field, it’s time you got married and it’s time you provided an heir’.

“As the heir I think there was some concern that he should settle down, marry the appropriate person and get on with it.”


Morgan went on to defend his decision to fabricate scenes in order to tell the story: “In my own head I thought that would have even greater impact on Charles if it were to come post-mortem, as it were.

"I think everything that’s in that letter that Mountbatten writes to Charles is what I really believe, based on everything I’ve read and people I’ve spoken to, that represents his view."

He went on to say: “We will never know if it was put into a letter, and we will never know if Charles got that letter before or after Mountbatten’s death, but in this particular drama, this is how I decided to deal with it.”

The fourth season of The Crown is streaming on Netflix now.