Dermot Bannon has got a bit of bad news for Room To Improve fans 4 years ago

Dermot Bannon has got a bit of bad news for Room To Improve fans

Say it isn't so...

Everybody's obsessed with Room To Improve. 


They just are - the phenomenon cannot be explained other than it's a really good show and people like watching other people with a lot of money get stressed out about building a new home for themselves.

It's entertaining viewing.

The last season of the home renovation show captured the hearts and minds as the Irish public, as it is wont to do, however there is some bad news for fans of Room To Improve because Dermot Bannon has confirmed that we'll have wait a bit longer for the next series to drop.

A harrowing thought.


The show was thought to be coming back to our screens in January 2019, but the architect has said that the filming deadline was pushed back a few months to allow for project completion.

He said: 

"It’s been pushed back by a couple of months.

"To do the projects that we want to do, because every year we want to make the show better and we want to do more complex things so in order to facilitate that, we’ve given ourselves a couple of months breathing space."


Bannon is currently in the middle of filming the new series of the show, and has said that viewers can expect something very different from upcoming Room To Improve episodes.

"They’re very different," he said.

"We spent a good bit of time selecting projects this year just to make sure we were giving the audience something they hadn’t seen before.

"We’ve got a really good mix this year so I’m excited."


Those in desperate need of their Bannon fix won't have to wait forever though, because his new show Dermot Bannon's Homes will be airing in the New Year, so you know, at least there's that.