Viewers praise Dermot Kennedy for "powerful" performance after Late Late Show finale 8 months ago

Viewers praise Dermot Kennedy for "powerful" performance after Late Late Show finale

"Humble, honest & a damn fine musician."

The Late Late Show celebrated its 60th birthday last night with a jam-packed season finale.


The special began with a dip into the archives, with guests like Jessie Buckley and Aslan's Christy Dignam joining Ryan Tubridy in studio to share their favourite Late Late Show memories.

Viewers were also treated to a special performance from Dermot Kennedy and the RTÉ Concert Orchestra.


He also joined Ryan to chat about his experience touring Australia and US, admitting he loves to travel but is also a real home bird.

"I am both. I find it very hard to settle because I am a home bird but then I have this sort of desire to constantly be on the move," he said.

Keeping in contact with family back home isn't exactly his strong point as he finds it too "awkward" to keep in touch via video calls.

"Oh, I can’t. Not in a million years. Oh, if somebody video Facetime’s me it is not getting picked up…


"I think I have done it like twice in my life maybe…

“No, I just don’t take part. Even if I am doing interviews or something while I am on tour and they are kind of like video on, audio on, on Zoom or whatever… I just, I can’t.

“Don’t get me wrong it’s not this aggressive humility, it’s just I don’t, I can’t do it yeah.”

The Dublin native also shocked fans when he revealed before he found worldwide fame as a singer-songwriter, he auditioned to appear on The Late Late Toy Show as a teenager - but, he was rejected.


“I was pushing the boat out though. I’d say I was 14 or 15 years old," he laughed.   

“No that was a fun day. I remember playing. I used to be paranoid at stuff like that. I remember the first time a camera was on me, I think… So, I was in one of the studios and I just couldn't believe I thought cameras were so high tech, right? It was a fair challenge for me.”

Fans took to Twitter to share their thoughts on the singer's appearance.


Dermot Kennedy is just unreal, wow what a voice! one person wrote.

"Dermot Kennedy has such a unique and powerful voice. Amazing singer," another said.

"Gotta love @DermotKennedyHumble, honest & a damn fine musician," a third added.

The Late Late Show returns to RTÉ One and RTÉ Player for its new season in September.

Imagery via The Late Late Show.