Doireann Garrihy spoke to the nation with her Easter Sunday tweet 2 years ago

Doireann Garrihy spoke to the nation with her Easter Sunday tweet


We’re knee deep in Easter Sunday celebrations at this stage, and no doubt you’ve already ravaged your way through your body weight worth of chocolate.

However, there’s always one person who ruins the fun for the rest.

Yes, that one yoke who makes you feel consuming more than 1,000 calories before midday is wrong.

Well, our fave Doireann Garrihy spoke to all those who chose to bring us down this day of celebration in one single tweet.

With one tweet she captured the feelings of a nation and we are so here for it.

“If you’re eating a protein chocolate Easter egg, please do so in private,” read her tweet.

“The rest of us don’t need that sort of negativity in our lives.”

With 137 characters, Doireann shut down every yoke on Snapchat that’s been posting pictures of the boiled eggs that they’re calling “Easter eggs” and every headwreck on Instagram Stories whose pumping that chocolate protein into themselves for the sake of the #gains.

Nearly 3,000 other level-headed, trustworthy citizens appreciated Doireann’s message, with many naming and shaming their protein-loving friends in the comments.

So for today, we continue our chocolate eating binge – normal business will resume tomorrow... probably.