The 'Don't Say It' meme is the giggle you need to get through Monday 2 years ago

The 'Don't Say It' meme is the giggle you need to get through Monday

You know the one thing you really shouldn't say but just can't help but to? Ya, we've all been there.

It's like that iconic episode of Fawlty Towers where Fawlty has German guests and tries not to mention the war but keeps doing so, or literally every episode of The Office with Michael Scott.


The new meme that's hitting the internet plays on this tension between brain and mouth and it's BRILLIANT!


Perhaps it's a psychological reaction associated with the word "don't" that elicits the desire to do the exact opposite.

We've compiled the best scenarios the "Don't Say It" meme can best be used, courtesy of the internet's finest gems.

Scenario #1:

You're on a night out, it's winding down so you decide to get a taxi and then...



Scenario #2:

Earlier during said night out, you know you're clawing your way to payday and then BAM...


That's a problem for future you to worry about.

Scenario #3:

"Thank you" has irrevocably been changed...


Scenario #4:

You're at the cinema and...


Could we BE anymore awkward?

Scenario #5:

When the opportunity strikes to unleash your inner dad humour...

We think we're hilarious. We're really not.