Dwayne Johnson totally BURNED Kevin Hart in his latest Instagram post 2 years ago

Dwayne Johnson totally BURNED Kevin Hart in his latest Instagram post

Can you smellllllllll what the Rock is... photoshopping?

The 'Dwayne Johnson' Rock, hold on, Dwayne 'The Johnson' Rock, one sec, Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson - there we go - has once again proved he is both king of the ring and king of the internet with his latest Instagram post celebrating the birth of his daughter.


He absolutely cannot be defeated. Not by a Kane choke-slam, not by a stunner and above all else, certainly not by longtime verbal jousting nemesis Kevin Hart.

Tiana Gia Johnson, The Rock's third daughter, was born last week and the actor took to social media to post an adorable picture of him holding his newborn child. It hit well over 10 million likes and was genuinely adorable.

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Somehow, he has managed to top it.

Less than a week later, Dwayne is back watching the likes roll in, this time in honour of his only son, Kevin Hart. It's a heartfelt masterpiece and even includes a very, very special message for the American comedian that you might struggle to read without tears.

Grab a tissue, this is powerful stuff...


Kevin Hart, to his credit, knew he was defeated. He replied "I don't even have a comeback for this" and no less than five laughing-crying emojis, which is big praise from one of the funniest comedians out there.