Ed Sheeran calls out story about railings to deter rough sleepers at his home 1 year ago

Ed Sheeran calls out story about railings to deter rough sleepers at his home

“Your story is bollocks.”

Ed Sheeran has hit out a journalist from The Sun newspaper over a story that claimed he had submitted plans for railings to be built outside his home in London “to keep out homeless people”.

An article in The Sun claimed that Sheeran has submitted plans for five-foot railings outside his home in London to create a barrier between his front door and the street.

The article cites one of the reasons for the barrier, as reportedly included in the planning application, as “preventing opportunities for rough sleeping”.

A spokesperson for Sheeran is quoted in the article as saying: “This is a standard planning application, which was not written by Ed, and it is not reflective of Ed’s views or feelings on homelessness.”

“We have sought to work with the council from the very start, yet we have been met with barriers,” the spokesperson added, referencing reported objections from Sheeran’s neighbours, who feel it would be “detrimental to the conservation area”.

Sheeran, who has spoken of his experiences of sleeping rough in the past and in a song titled ‘Homeless’, issued a response to the article on Instagram on Saturday night, clarifying that he “would never build railings outside my home for that reason” and instead claiming that the barriers were intended to prevent the paparazzi from turning up on his doorstep.

Sheeran is due in Ireland for a series of concerts in Dublin, Belfast, Cork and Galway next month; ticketholders have been warned not to bring any bags to the performances unless absolutely necessary.