Electric Picnic has a new area and you're going to want it in your Insta feed 1 year ago

Electric Picnic has a new area and you're going to want it in your Insta feed

Her got a sneak peek at Electric Picnic's Freetown.

The tent is up, the glitter is glowing, and you have approximately two hours of photo opportunity before you get absolutely drowned by the traditional Irish summer. Lucky for you Her got a sneak preview of Electric Picnic’s latest and best additions and found the ideal spot for, not just the Insta, but for a potential haircut and dance class while you’re there.

Next to the swampy marshes of Spike Island you’ll find the flamboyantly chill vibes of Freetown, a small Brazilian themed shanty town, brimming with colour and ambiance. 

We’re talking pastel pinks, pretty picnic tables, retro posters and run down, rustic-looking backdrops – perfect for anyone keen for a pretty Polaroid frame.

Of course, we would never send you there purely for the pic. Freetown is overflowing with things to do and we promise once you get there, you won’t want to leave until it’s time for Florence and the Machine! Freetown is literally a one stop shop for everything – like doing your bits in town, only this time you’ve been transported to shanty town Brazil to do them.

You can get your hair cut, dyed, get a head massage while you’re at it, get yourself a tailor-made turban and finish it all off with some Latino dance lessons. 

There will be chilled out cinema showings, a samba party each evening at 6pm, and once the night rolls in there’s a hidden party just behind the church. See what we mean about never wanting to leave?

Electric Picnic is always beaming with creativity and fun, but trust us, you’ll be hard pressed to find a more ‘gram worth spot at Stradbally.

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