Emmerdale fans noticed MASSIVE mistake in last night's episode 5 months ago

Emmerdale fans noticed MASSIVE mistake in last night's episode

Did you notice this?

Emmerdale viewers all copped on to a pretty major plot hole during last night’s show.

It’s not uncommon to spot mistakes in soapland but this one has a lot of viewers frustrated. And we can definitely see why.

Friday night's episode saw Belle Dingle visit her ex-boyfriend, serial killer Lachlan White, in prison. The prison guard - who remained outside - let her into the cell, before turning his back on them.

Which, as eagle-eyed fans were quick to point out, would never actually happen in real life.

She was told by a police officer that while they wouldn't normally allow this kind of visit, "he's put you through so much and you deserve some closure."

Once inside the cell, a defiant Belle told Lachlan:

"You tried so hard to destroy me.

"You're not sorry for anything but it's over.

"You've got nothing left. You know the difference between me and you is - family. Mine might be all I've got but we love each other and we stick together.

"What have you got - except a lifetime stuck in here? So this is it, this is goodbye. I can't say it's been nice to know you but I hope you have a great life Lachlan. I know I will."

With that, Belle walked out of his cell and left the prison. However, many viewers were quick to point out that Belle never would have been actually allowed in his cell.