Everyone was talking about RTÉ's show Medication Nation last night 5 years ago

Everyone was talking about RTÉ's show Medication Nation last night

It hit home with a lot of viewers...

"Irish people love their pills. Every year we spend €500 for every man, woman and child in Ireland on pharmaceuticals - that's 40% higher than the EU average. Since 2000 the number of prescribed drugs we are consuming has grown from 32 million to 73.5 million items in 2015. Drugs can undoubtedly bring great benefits, but there are also risks."


The show opens with this introduction from Dr Eva Orsmond as she examines Ireland's relationship with over-the-counter and prescription drugs.

While the issue of drugs is undoubtedly a worldwide problem, Dr Orsmond is keen to localise it, presenting statements like: "In Ireland, there's an expression - there's a pill for every ill.

The statistics paint a grim picture when you consider that Ireland has twice as many pharmacies per capita than Britain, and 77% more per person on prescription drugs than Norway.

The show had harrowing accounts from people around the country and interviews with various experts which struck home with a lot viewers watching at home.



Although there was a school of thought which suggested the show was unfairly biased and dismissive towards those on medications for depression and anxiety.



What did you think of the show? if you missed it, you can catch it on the RTÉ player here.

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