Everyone's saying the same thing about Cheryl's This Morning interview 8 months ago

Everyone's saying the same thing about Cheryl's This Morning interview

Were you disappointed?

Cheryl's official first post-baby interview was finally broadcast on ITV's This Morning earlier on after weeks of build-up and teasers.

The singer has kept a low profile since giving birth six months ago, so we were all looking forward to catching up with her.

Would we get a glimpse at baby Bear? Would Chezza reveal some new music? Would she spill the beans on her supposed feud with her former Girls Aloud bandmate Sarah Harding?

Nope, nope and nope.

The interview was much lighter, with Cheryl speaking about her beauty regime and sharing some of her favourite tips.

She told fans that pampering has "gone out the window" since becoming a mum and that Marilyn Monroe was her ultimate beauty icon.


We had all expected a bit more goss from Cheryl and many fans were disappointed with the interview, if Twitter is anything to go by.


But others were just pleased to have her back.

We're a bit gutted that she didn't give us any solid details on Bear or what she'll be up to next but we're fairly sure she knows what she's doing.

Chezza is a bit of a Beyoncé when it comes to teasing her personal life; courting public attention through her social platforms and sharing minimal details to keep fans hungry for more.

It's a clever tactic and we're sure she'll share more when she's good and ready but for now we'll just have to wait.


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