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Everyone's saying the same thing about Samantha's new hairstyle
What a throwback.

She looks class.

We're O.G. Samantha Mumba fans her at Her and are avid followers of her Instagram account.

The singer and presenter debuted a new hairstyle in a snap yesterday and while she looks incredible, we have to say this 'do looks a little familiar.

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Samantha's followers were quick to point out that she looks exactly like she did in one of her early music videos.

"You haven't aged a bit you look like you just walked off the #GottaTellYou set!! Gorgeous"

"You could remake, gotta tell you" right now."

"Gotta Tell You vibes!!!"

"Aww throwback to Gotta Tell You braids!!!"

"Stunning u look just like u did on ur first single."

And for the record, yeah, she's the spit of her 17-year-old self in the video for Gotta Tell You.

Check this out if you don't believe us.


What. A. Tune.

Also, can we take a moment to appreciate the fact that Samantha hasn't aged a day since 2000, when the single was released?

G'wan Sam!

We're growing old gracefully on #GirlsWithGoals this week!  

Listen to the brand new episode NOW in the link below. 

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