Eyal's family has spoken out about him having sex on the telly 4 years ago

Eyal's family has spoken out about him having sex on the telly


Eyal and Megan had sex the other night on Love Island. 


Chances are you knew that but instantly forgot about it because it was absolutely overshadowed by Wes and Laura bragging about the fact that they 'did bits' when nobody literally cares.

Literally nobody.

You touched each other in a room full of about 10 other couples on the telly, get over it.

A few people who have gotten over it though are Megan and Eyal.


The pair of them had sex in the hideaway the other day and they've only mentioned it about two times between them so fair play.

Some people who have yet to get over this fact though are Eyal's family - and most notably his parents.

Speaking on Lorraine today, Eyal's brother Tal said that his parents found the scene "difficult" to watch.


Which in fairness, yeah, you would like.

He said:

"I think, before he went in, it was something we discussed and came to terms with beforehand so it doesn’t come as a shock.

"It’s difficult in some aspects for my parents to see…"

Tal went on to say that he thinks Eyal is very much being himself in the villa too, which is good to know because how you could fake such an intensely irritating charade we'll never know.


"I think he’s very much being himself," he went on.

"You’re always going to get people who don’t like someone. I’m proud of the way he’s carried himself and treated everyone. I think he’s doing a good job."

Tal, who is of course also a model, said that his brother isn't in there for the fame, but to genuinely find love.

How nice.


"The fame thing comes with it, that was never something he was looking for directly," he said. "Being a model, it was the next step for him."


Love Island continues tonight on 3e at 9pm.